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Monday, 9 November 2009

And then the sun came out...

How remarkably different was Sunday's walking compared to Saturday's. With only one Munro top to summit to bag we took a more leisurely approach to the day. We were also gratified to find that the weather was stunning. With a low-lying mist (offering numerous wonderfully photogenic opportunities) and bright blue skies with a warm-for-November sun the day promised to be perfect for winter walking.

The chosen Munro, Ben Challum, is a popular route for walkers based in the central belt as it is near enough to tackle in one day's outing and not so steep as to put too many people off. The trail to first the south summit and then the north (proper) summit is easily navigable, too.

While we had met only one other walker during the two ascents on Saturday, on the Sunday the mountain was abuzz with people, dogs and chatter.

The entire outing represented almost everything that is great about Scottish mountains. Fantastic views and scenery, achievable summits, rewarding peaks, camaraderie with like-minded people and the satisfaction of a dry, windless day and tremendous winter sunshine.

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