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Monday, 9 March 2009

Computer frustration

Why are computers so teeth-grindingly frustrating. Having almost managed to get over, first the broadband breakdown of last month, and then the computer breakdown of a few weeks ago, I decided it was about time to back up my hard-drive. Yes, yes I know this should have been the first things i did on becoming a freelance journalist but I'm one of those 'tomorrow will do if it hasn't gone wrong yet' kind of people. So after much searching on the internet I finally ended up at a Comet (which was conveniently located next to Sainsbury's) buying a super-duper shiny hard-drive back-up gadget. I felt very pleased with myself until I got home, unpacked the plastic etc cover to find that I need two, neighbouring USB ports to get the thing to work. I do not have two USB ports next to each other on my (clearly) old-fangled MacBook Pro so now I'm apparently going to have to buy a USB port adapter thingy. That means I'll need to do another long-winded trawl of the internet before (no doubt) ending up at a real-time outlet again. If I had more money I'd employ my own personal IT department. Dream on!

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