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Friday, 5 February 2010

1,576 steps to madness!

I found my jaw dropping as I watched competitors in the annual Empire State Building Run Up earlier this week. See here The bonkers event sees almost 300 runners racing up 1,576 steps – and a total ascent of 303m – to the Observatory deck on the 86th floor of the iconic New York skyscraper.

Now in its 33rd year, the race, which is by invitation only from the New York Road Runners, claims to be the world's most famous stair race and the oldest of its kind. (There are others?!)

This year the men's race was won by 25-year-old Thomas Dold, of Germany, for the fifth year running, in 10 minutes and 16 seconds. His enlightening post-race quote told us that his training for the event was important so that he could climb stairs as fast and hard as possible. Well, you don't say!

Meanwhile a woman aged 40 (yes 40!) took first female place in 13 minutes and 13 seconds. Talking after the event New Zealander Melissa Moon, who is a former successful mountain runner (that will explain the win then!), said she was delighted to have come first (possibly over the Moon?!) – and reckoned she'd be talking about it when she was 90, sitting in a rocking chair and surrounded by all her grandkids!

Anyone want to suggest a building in Scotland that could serve as the perfect place for a similar event?

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