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Monday, 15 February 2010

Hey walkers, what's in your bag?

The strange thing is that only a week or so ago I had been discussing with a fellow mountain walking pal that it would be great to set up some kind of specific Munro Bagging logbook website...

Yes, I know people can keep a checklist of their own Munro bags (normally by crossing off the Munros in the index of SMC Munro bible or on Harveys' fab Muno & Corbett map) but I'd thought it would be great to see a site dedicated to offering a place to diary and write about Munro bagging. Kind of like an on-line travelogue for Munro baggers.

And then, on Friday, someone sent me a link to a brand-new site that aims just to do this.

While I'm a tad jealous that Bagging Scotland has got there first – I'm still very happy to blog about it.

Munro Bagging has become a hugely popular pursuit, especially over the last decade and it's fantastic to see so many people walking to the summits of the 283 3000ft-plus mountains in Scotland – as well as keeping themselves fit in the process. I've written about some of the more extreme Munro bagging rounds in the press. Some people aren't happy with simply bagging all the summits over a number of years, instead they want to go one better, doing a continuous round, playing the bagpipes on every summit, walking the round in winter. And like bagger extraordinaire Steve Fallon, doing multiple rounds. Fallon has almost finished 14 rounds.

So this new Bagging Scotland site gives people the ideal platform in which to write about their "Bags". The site also suggests that people could bag Scottish castles, whisky distilleries and islands. I'm sure there will be more categories added in due course, but for the time being it looks like a great website to keep tabs on.

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  1. Aw...cheers! I will say similarly nice things about you in the near future!