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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mums-who-run take part in Highland Fling

Fantastic finish by running mum Debs of the local Garscube Harriers. I knew her from my Herald days and I still occasionally bump into her while out running. Debbie, who is mum of baby Cairn, took part in the Highland Fling, a 53 mile race along the West Highland Way. It's often used as a training run for the West Highland Way race later in the year. Anyway, Debbie came home a brilliant 3rd and helped the Garscube ladies team to a 1st place. Read about her Highland Fling race here

Another mum-who-runs Rachel, aka the Running Potter-turned-firefighter, also took part in the Highland Fling. Read about her race here It sounded painful but rewarding... in the end!

I have a lot of respect for these women. I just can't imagine where they find the time and the energy!

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