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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Kids on the run again

This morning was the last of three Garscube Harriers Schools X Country league races held at Mugdock, near Strathblane. Daughter, Miss Outdoors, was up for another muddy outing. Except today is was more of an ice rink than a mud bath. 

Miss Outdoors also said there were an number of bovine obstacles. "I was running along and there 
was this cow on the path," she told me afterwards. "It was quite funny but a bit scary too. I had to run round 
the cow." Well, she didn't seem too bothered by the extra hurdle and again crossed the finish line smiling. 

Again, Running Potter Rachel's Fabulous Running Daughter finished in a great time. She has improved a lot over the last year and she looked delighted with her time. Go girl!

It was fab to see so many youngsters up for a run on a freezing Saturday morning. Read my article about kids and running to find out why Garscube are a success story.

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