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Friday, 9 January 2009

What do you pink?

Much of the early part of this week was taken up writing an article about the pinkness of the 21st century girlie for The Herald. The debate went back and forth, between experts and on-the-ground mums, and the more people I spoke to the deeper I became tangled in a pink-coloured web.

My personal experience is that while I was a diehard Tomboy (and my daughter still calls me a Tom-mummy) I somehow managed to give birth to a fluffy, girlie girl. I never introduced pink into our home and the first clothes I bought her were in blues and yellows. But still my daughter Havana has loved pink from the moment she could choose. Havana has even managed to introduce some pink into my wardrobe over the years.

At the end of the day no-one really knows how much one colour can influence our young girls.

But I think my 10-year-old daughter summed it up quite well: "So what you're saying is that some people think that because I like pink now it'll mean I grow up to be a fairy princess. I think that's just a load rubbish!" Well said, my girlie girl.

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