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Monday, 26 January 2009

Super speedy service

How about this for a great service from my local bike shop. On Saturday at 11am I discovered that there was something majorly wrong with my bike's back gear cogs. Mr Outdoors kindly dropped the bike into Solid Rock Cycles at Balmore at 1pm en route to visiting his kids in Edinburgh. 

At 3pm I received a call from Dave at the bike shop to tell me what was wrong with my bike, how much it was likely to cost - and that it would be ready by close of play that day. I actually picked it up the next day. How fantastic is that for a bike fixit turn round?

Perhaps Solid Rock were having a quiet day but I think that's unlikely. It's a very popular shop and if you tell them you're a commuter then they try to aim to fix your bike that bit quicker. 

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