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Monday, 9 February 2009

A load of pants

Hilarious conversation of Friday night centred around Mr Outdoors and his pants! In the pub with the group of Tri girls and some of their partners the topics, as usual, began to get more and more base-line. 

 For years I've been telling Mr Outdoors that it might be a lot more comfortable – and not to mention "normal" – to wear his padded cycle shorts sans pants. But the thing is that Mr Outdoors isn't always that keen to take his wife's advice – and anyhow he thought that wearing pants was what most cyclists did.

But now he knows this is not the case. Every so often throughout the evening Mr Outdoors would repeat to various people in the group: "So no-one wears pants under their cycle shorts? Like no-one?" Until he finally understood that pretty much no-one who cycles in a bike club or a tri club wears pants under their shorts.

"It's just not that comfy," suggested World Champion Vicky. "All those seams just don't help with the chaffing potential. And it's more sweaty with pants on."

"It might be alright on a short bike ride if you wore a G-string under your shorts but I can't see many men taking to that," piped up gorgeous bride-to-be Jo Pm.

Only when handsome groom-to-be Rich, who wasn't drinking, called time on the pants chat did Mr Outdoors finally acquiesce. "Hmm, so maybe I'll try this whole non pants wearing thing next time I cycle to work. I bet it won't make much difference though," he said, forlornly.

Expect a report on pant-free cycling report to follow over the next week.

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