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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Talking of special things for Valentine's

Mr Outdoors is well known for his practical gifts. His first ever present to me was a Leatherman penknife. While it was pretty, purple and much loved I don't think I imagined it would be a sign of the gifts to come. Over the last 7 years I have received a rucksack for running, a rucksack for cycling, a bike chain cleaning kit, a set of allen keys, a heart-rate monitor, heated skiing gloves, a grown-up rucksack, a Timex GPS watch, a heated mug, off-road trainers, maps ...and on. 

I have loved every gift (expect perhaps the chain cleaning kit for Valentine's 2007) but sometimes a girl hankers after something a little more romantic. Now Little Miss Outdoors has taken Mr Outdoors' gift-buying technique to task. The other day I overheard her whispering to Mr Outdoors: "Now, you know mummy won't like it if you go to Tiso's Outdoors Centre for her Valentine's gift. At Christmas she said you should be banned from there. I think I might have to help you buy something from Asda."

While Asda might not be resplendent with a wide ranging stock of perfect presents it does at least sell chocolates and flowers. I have my fingers (warmed by a very useful pair of fingerless gloves - yes, that was another Mr Outdoors gift) crossed! 

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