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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What is snowboarding good for?

Heading out for my first run after our fantabulous (Little Miss Outdoors' word) skiing/boarding holiday in Tignes les Brevieres I suddenly had the awful feeling that I might be getting old. Every step threw up one niggle or another, from creaking hips to sore calves to a stiff neck. Then at yoga and then circuits and swimming (usual Tuesday fitness epic) the following day I was alarmed at just how achey and tired I was feeling. All this after just one week away from my usual fitness regime.

But then I got to thinking about the snowboarding trip. Since I'm not an expert on the slopes (far from it) every day was a big challenge. Simply tryimg to keep up with Mr Outdoors and all the other skiers that we met on our trip meant that I was pushing my body all the time. While snowboarding might not seem particularly cardiovascular is does work out a wide range of muscles. Snowboarding for many hours each day left my calves, thighs and glutes screaming. And because boarders are required to repeatedly perform a movement from sitting (after clamping into bidings) to standing, my stomach muscles were given a thorough going over too.

If you add into this the high altitude, the steep climb back up to the chalet a few times a day and the general outdoorsy way of life I guess, in retrospect, it's no wonder I'm feeling a tad weary this week.

There are many other things that snowboarding are good for. Fabulous bright blue skies, a growing sense of achievement, much-needed time away for the desk, lots of quality family time, socialising and having fun with a great group of new friends. Ahh, if only i didn't have to come back to work!

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