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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Running out of places to run

The snow is beautiful and I've loved the sledging and the gorgeous views. For the first couple of days I also enjoyed the fun of running ankle deep in the white stuff. But then came the ice. First I gave up running on icy pavements, and headed for the trails. Then I gave up running on the well-used trails because of ice and headed further afield on to less well-trodden trails. But even these have now become so icy and slippery that it's almost impossible to run anywhere anymore.

The only solution i can now come up with for any amount of decent leg-stretching running (rather than old lady style slippy-slidey on ice jogging) is to maybe get up at 5am and run actually on-road and while most people are not in their cars. I've not quite resorted to this but if the big thaw doesn't happen soon I know I'll be going out of my mind.

Does anyone know of any great ice-free paths to run along in the Bearsden area? Pllllllllease.

Oh, and a happy running new year to your all!

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  1. Did you get a pair of orienteering shoes with the metal studs in them? If you did then these give you pretty good grip on snow and ice - certainly way better than normal trainers. The alternative is to run on untrodden snow - golf courses offer quite a bit of this I'm told.