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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Another website written by FionaOutdoors

Well, I'm not really one to go on about my day-time job as I normally like to blog about my stuff Outdoors. If the two coincide then that's a bonus but blogging about my "Indoors" work doesn't always seem so, well, bloggable. However I know that sometimes it pays to do a bit of showcasing/networking. Actually, I should be doing a bit more of this so that I end up with more work (which would then lead to me being able to afford to do more Outdoors stuff!)

So, here's a link to a new website that I have just finished writing. While the designer did the design for KidiCare Nursery, I did the words. It's becoming increasingly common for a designer to work with a copywriter to create a website that is both appealing to look at and an engaging and informative read. I hope you'll agree that this one does both.

There, that's my website work promotion done. Now back to writing about the Great Outdoors, this time for the Herald.


  1. The site looks really good - well done.

  2. Looks great Fiona, keep at it it's the way forward!