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Friday, 12 March 2010

I've entered the Bealach Mor – and now I'm scared

I've been threatening to take part in the challenging Bealach Mor Cycle Sportive for some years. Last September I even made it as far as the Kinlochewe based event in but I chose to help with marshalling and writing up news reports instead of cycling. This year, I have finally convinced myself to enter the 90-mile challenge.

This is tough event with masses of hills, including Britain's longest Alpine-style road climb (2053ft of ascent in6 miles). I witnessed for myself last year just how punishing the Bealach Mor can be as cyclists fell by the wayside throughout the route and those that did finish came home shattered. The weather was almost as punishing as the event.

But, then again, what is the point in setting yourself a challenge if it's not going to test you? A couple of years ago I trained and ran my first ever marathon and although it was tough the sense of achievement at the end was incredible.

I'm hoping that the G-Force (an experienced road cyclist as well as an obsessed Munro bagger!) will be helping me along with the seriously daunting task of training for such an event. He says he'll even help me in the first stage of the event. (I'm sure he'll leave me for dust within a couple of miles but it's the thought that counts.)

I'll be keeping you posted over the next six months about the cycle training – and no doubt the agony of a buildup to such an event. And if you're feeling inclined towards a little pedalling madness later this year why not enter yourself?

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