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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The dilemma: Shiny Mac or Matt Mac?

I'm having a dilemma. While I am in love with My Gorgeous Mac I am wondering if I should trade him in for another model. The problem is his lovely shininess.

You see my new MacBook Pro comes with a shiny, glass screen (as opposed to a matt screen). While this does offer an amazing clarity of screen viewing, especially while on-line, it does sometimes act like a mirror. So when the light is bright or the sun is shining through my office window I continually catch sight of my mug in the screen.

My formerBeautiful Mac was a matt screen version and so I am finding the mirror thing a little disconcerting. Frightening even.

This afternoon I came face to face with myself yet again and I noticed that I have deep lines around my mouth and my neck is starting to look a bit like a chicken's. This kind of clarity of viewing is not nice at all.

Yeh, yeh, I know that the lines are what happen when you get older but until this point I've managed to reserve looking in the mirror to a) darker rooms b) times when I'm not wearing my glasses c) very quick glances from a cleverly judged distance..

Perhaps it is a good thing to face the reality of ageing once in a while (although I'm struggling to think why this might be). Or should I simply exchange My Gorgeous Mac for a Gorgeous Matt Mac? I have another week left to decide thanks to the two-week no quibbles exchange rule at the AppleMac store.

Anyone found the same problems?


  1. Keep him. Remember that he loves you however many wrinkles you can see....

  2. what was your final decision??

  3. stayed with Mr Shiny Gorgeous Mac! so clean cut looking!