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Thursday, 13 May 2010

"Brick" an' that

It's funny to hear what other triathlon friends think is the origins of the word "brick", as in "brick session"...
... as in training on the bike and then doing a run..
... as in this is what you'll need to be able to do to become great at triathlons.

The Flying Triathlete thought the term "brick" came about because the sessions are layered on top of each other like building block or bricks. Nice idea.

The Mighty Vickster simply imagined that "brick" meant "well hard". The MV commented: "Well it's really hard going from the bike ride to the run so I thought 'brick' was just another way of saying 'brick hard'!" I love this idea, too.

Another thought is that most people will be "bricking it" as they come off the bike and on to the run section of a triathlon. As in: "I was bricking it that my legs would turn to jelly!"

In fact, it seems that the term "brick" comes from the person who first coined the phrase for the consecutive training sessions, one Dr Matt Brick. The duathlete was an advocator of the bike-run, run-bike training sessions that all "brick hard" duathletes and triathletes have come to loathe.

Reckon I should be out doing another "brick" session this evening as the Peebles Triathlon begins to loom. Let's hope it stops raining and the wind dies down! May is a bit chilly...

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