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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My new business website

I've been writing the content for websites for a while now. And I've a good range of clients that I blog for. I have completely embraced the world of Twitter and Facebook. And I have my own well-followed blog here. Now I have a proper business website for The Number 1 Writing Agency.

It looks good - but it also reads well (I think it does in any case!) So if you know anyone or any businesses that are looking for help to write the words on their new or relaunched website, or you want your blog to be written for you, or you want some help with social media, or you would like me to come along to give you some in-house training then please do pass this website link around. Thanks.


  1. It looks superb! Good luck with it Fiona. And the occasional bit of video won't hurt either...

  2. Having your own website is very important because it is the portal through which your product can gain internet visibility. It can make a way for more people to gain access to your products, especially if the website itself is done in a manner that makes using it easy and enjoyable. :)