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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A guest blog: Mountain rescue funds raiser

I've known Simon Willis for many years as a journalist and latterly as a keen kayaker. He asked me if he could post a blog on my site because he believes the Kintail Mountain Rescue team are worthy of as much support as possible. I agree. Here's what he is blogging about.

A mountain rescue team would like your help

The old headquarters of Kintail Mountain Rescue Team is past rescue itself. The ancient barn and croft in Morvich is, like many a weary walker, struggling to stay upright. Especially in the teeth of a howling gale, ice battering its roof and sides, in the dead of night. Which is, of course, when the MRT need it most.

If you walk Scotland's hills, you might too.

The team are raising money to create a purpose-built centre. A series of fund-raising events are planned. The first is this weekend and you can follow it at KintailCompassChallenge.

Team members cycle from this base, in continuous relay, to the four cardinal points of Scotland.
North: Dunnet Head
East: Peterhead
South: Mull of Galloway
West: Ardnamurchan

They'll pedal 1,200 miles, climb 32,000 feet (yes, that's not a typo!) and pass through many of Scotland's villages and towns.

If you feel you can help them or donate a fiver (or more) to help keep a roof over their heads, then there's a PayPal Donation button on the bottom of their homepage.

* Simon Willis used to have a proper job as a BBC correspondent. He quit to make films and write about his outdoor adventures, and to live in a remote corner of Scotland. With three international awards for his first DVD, it's going pretty well. He blogs eclectically about sea kayaking and life in the Scottish highlands at

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